Dear wholesale customers!

The prices for ourproducts differ for you from mentioned on our website.

While working with wholesale footwear customers, factory «COUGAR» offers the following purchasing conditions:

1.Minimumorder amountfor wholesaleisa totalof 6 pairs (depending onselected models) in stock. The specialists of «COUGAR» can recommend you the best combinations of “SKU-size-amount” variations, based on the trends of the current season.

2. The order is formed not in standard available sizes boxes but in anysize variations, in any amount (from threepairs on the SKU ofrelateddimensions) .Later you can order only those models that were sold, in any amounts (in order to minimize your goods left over). Size rangesfrom 33(2-4) to 45(12) (size range of model is specified). Returns and refunds, and also exchang eof for merly purchased goods is not provided, as the flexible terms of our supplies allow you to minimize your left overs by the end ofthe season.

Shoe factory «COUGAR» offers whole salers of women's shoes the following scheme of collaboration:

1. Whole sale buyer selects the necessary SKUs of women's shoes, prepares the special application on form “SKU – amount”, add sits requisites and sends all by e-mail or orders by phones specified in the CONTACTS.

2. «COUGAR» ack now ledges the orderand negotiates with the Customer the possibility of the order fulfill mentfor each position and its deadlines. After agreement, the Customer provides copies of documents to draw up the contract and receives a billfor the full amount of the order.

3. Within 10-15 working days, shoes, according to the order, is produced at the shoe factory «COUGAR» in Kharkov.

4. The buyer chooses the shipping company. At presence of 100% prepay ment of order, the company «COUGAR» organizes the delivery of shoes shipment to representative office of the selected transport company in Kharkov. Costs of urban freight forwarding carries the factory.





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Our manufacturing, which is engaged in production of female footwear of big sizes, starts to create specialized pads with measurements of various groups of women.