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 The most used, to say less, part of our body is legs and feet. They literally work every day under heavy loads. Since this is a "foundation" of human body, legs have to hold it right every day. With the help of legs and feet we walk not less than a kilometer every day, we kick, push, run as well as commit other tiresome actions. But the irony is that for their hard work, our legs and feet often do not receive the necessary care and attention; they are neglected, and one day they remind us about themselves with pain or other discomfort feelings. To avoid this, you need to pamper your legs and, especially your feet by choosing the right shoes in advance.

The first rule for healthy feet is to wear only good shoes; Some kinds of shoes correct some kinds of feet diseases by themselves. In general, the characteristics of the purchased shoes depend on its purpose - whether it will be used for running, everyday wear or ceremonial processions. However, basic principles work for all types of footwear.

 Shoes should allow feet to breathe and suite in form ideally. Sole should be sturdy and flexible enough, with a good surface to engage with the ground. Insoles should be soft to absorb shocks while walking on hard surfaces. Vault must dissipate the weight over entire width for better balance. Shoes with hard structural elements provide additional support.

 Standard footwear production is focused on the "average" size of a foot - usually 38. This is related to the fact that the general population measurements were carried out in our country during distant 80s, and since then the standart has not changed. That is why the shoes of large size is a large deficit. The qualitative shoes of large sizes cannot simply be made by increasing the standard pad size. Feet of women who need shoes of large sizes often no way wants fit into the standards - it is fuller and wider, and often tends to platypodia.

That is why our production, which is engaged in manufacturing of women's footwear of large sizes, starts to create specialized pads with measurements of different groups of women. In such a way, it is possible to make "portrait" of foot, for which shoes of large sizes will be produced, and then to design a shoe that set a wide range of different women. Ideal shoes for women is home shoes on the fanciful heels, and models for walking and sports, business, "Loafer", and, of course, patent leather, suede, velvet, decorated with rhinestones and sequins, evening high heels that will make any woman queen of the ball!

Although the legs and feet are at the bottom, that is not the reason to deprive them of the very best care. So you need to choose qualitative footwear, and be sure that it will provide not only the beauty of the feet, but what is more important, the health and safety!
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About us

Our manufacturing, which is engaged in production of female footwear of big sizes, starts to create specialized pads with measurements of various groups of women.